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Book One

Nicole, Darlington’s Prodigy, is the epitome of what a daughter should be. With the piano, she can capture the cool of winter’s night, the sound of the rain on a tin roof, and the beauty of a baby’s smile, but no one knows the price Nicole has to pay.


This undeniably gifted child on the brink of womanhood has a horrible secret that keeps her chained to the piano, held captive by her mother’s dreams and demands that test Nicole’s sanity and will to live.


Nicole has to survive the pursuit of perfection and find her true self and purpose…before there’s Nothing Left to Give!

Nothing Left to Give book cover by author Marcus Griffin
Nothing Left to Give book cover by author Marcus Griffin

The Nicole Peterson Series

Hands playing piano
Beyond Words book cover by author Marcus Griffin

Book Two

It’s March 1983; Nicole escaped the nightmares of Darlington. She secretly yearns to experience freedom, love, and friendship as a hopeful new student at Piedmont High, the mecca of music, where her old rival, Nicolette Pearson, the epitome of elegance and grace, once attended.


Dr. Rogers, the pinnacle of Piedmont High’s music program, only needs one key player, Nicole, to take his program to national prominence.


Expectations are high for Nicole to lead, but Nicole's eyes are set on the new obscure student band called TRIO.


She soon discovers her desires come at a steep price; no is just a word, and counting the cost is not only at school, but at home, while she sleeps, and everywhere else.

Nothing Left to Give book cover by author Marcus Griffin  on a blanket
"The book touched me mentally and spiritually. If you are looking for an easy read that tries you emotionally and socially. This is one for you. Be prepared to get mad, fight, cry, and pray. Great job Mr. Griffin. I will read this author again."
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